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We’ve made it simple for friends and relatives to make donations – personalising them with messages and photos which appear on the fund activity wall. We’ve also enabled to create events linked to a fund – providing an additional way of raising funds in memory of their loved one.

Funds in Memory was designed to replace existing platforms – taking on their new branding and improving user experience. So the project involved the technical challenges of importing data from existing funds, as well and creating a data export function for their CRM system.

Breast Cancer Now launched Funds in Memory to the public in August 2016 and so far, the new platform has been very well received by fundholders new and old.

My role

I did this project during my time working for Yoomee Digital. I was the designer and producer on this project and my responsibilities included:

  • Website design – UX / UI / Service 

  • Project Management

  • Facilitating co-creation and user-testing workshops