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Pins & Patches



To take 3 popular designs currently used on T-shirts and sweaters designs and develop them into Enamel Pins and Scout patches – ensuring the design maintains the quality when shrunk to these mediums. Then create a simple card to attach the patches and pins which is in keeping with the minimalist and adventurous aesthetic. 


Above: Take Me To The Mountains Scout Patch and Enamel Pin.

Above: Adventure is calling Scout Patch and Pin Badge

Above: Traveller Scout Patch and Enamel Pin.

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Winnats Roll Top Flyer

Winnats Roll Top Flyer

The Brief

To create an A5 flyer to promote the freshly release Winnats Roll Top Backpack – inspiring a sense of local British outdoor adventure as well as highlighting the various ingredients and design features of the pack.

The Creation

Winnats Roll Top Backpack Booklet The Level Collective.jpg

Above: I've tried to create a sense of adventure with an immersive dreamy sunrise shot of the local Peak District spot Winnats Pass - which the backpack was named after. I've combined a clean bold Futura font with a playful 'Beautifully Adventurous' font kindly created by my good friend Rich Wells.

Winnats Roll Top Backpack flyer The Level Collective.jpg
Winnats Roll Top flyer © The Level Collective  copy.jpg

Above: The reverse of the flyer is clean and simple with lots of white space – featuring a large image of the mustard backpack; highlighting the various ingredients and features. I then added smaller front and reverse shots of each other colour of the backpack.

View the Winnats Roll Top Backpack

Vivid Kitchens

Vivid Kitchens


Vivid Kitchens are a Derbyshire based kitchen design specialists with an innovative approach.

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Their furniture is all made in a Nottinghamshire workshop using traditional mortis and tenon joints which ensures stability and durability of the furniture.

Vivid Kitchens doing things a little differently.

By working closely with the furniture manufacturer and utilising their showroom, they don't need to cover the costly overheads having a showroom of their own. So customers can see exactly what they are getting, but pay much lower prices. 

Vivid needed a brand and website which reflects their design precision, premium quality and innovative approach. 

Through creative exploration, pencil sketches and various iterations, we arrived at the clean shape of a diamond which is quite symbolic of clarity, precision and quality. The shaping and lettering was rounded to soften the feel of the brand to make it feel more approachable.

We chose a colour palette of deep teal and combined it with copper foiling to give it a premium feel as it glistens in the light.

Vivid Kitchen business cards on table.jpg

Behind the scenes

Copper foiling is a very analogue and manual process requiring a custom die being cut for the logo and then each business card hand stamped with the foiling...contraption.  

It's this kind of original flare that took the cards to the next level to give them a luxury feel reflecting the bespoke and premium quality of their kitchens.

Vivid die copper foiling.JPG

Brand Booklet

Brand Booklet

The brief

To create a small "take-away" booklet to be included in customer orders and at pop-up events – introducing The Level Collective brand and expressing their minimalist, bold and adventurous aesthetic. 

The Creation

Brand Booklet The Level Collective.jpg

Above: I opted for a simple clean bold front featuring the Outdoor Supplies version of the logo and just the website.

Brand Booklet The Level Collective.jpg

Above: The booklet opens up to a fill spread of the Outdoor Supplies layout which I created using outdoor propers and apparel. 

The Level Collective brand booklet reverse.jpg

Above: The reverse of the booklet succinctly introduces The Level Collective brand values.