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Just Works Branding & Website

Just Works Branding & Website


Just Works help people to overcome challenging circumstances and move forward towards employment and leading fulfilling lives.

Just Works is an initiative of Cathedral Archer Project and works with people who may have experienced homelessness and other challenging circumstances. 

They bridge the gap between support and work.

They take a holistic approach to helping people to move forward through a individually tailored programme or wellbeing, life skills, counselling and work experience. Just Works aim to help me to discover their passions and find a sense of vocation allowing people to set their own personal goals and move forward at their own pace. 

Just Works then parter with a rang of businesses in the city to offer training, shadowing, work experience and internship opportunities for people to explore potential vocation opportunities. It takes a graduated exposure to helping people to find fulfilled work, recognised as being just a part of a balanced and fulfilling life.

I love what Just Works is about so I was honoured to be able to create their branding and website.


Vivid Kitchens

Vivid Kitchens


Vivid Kitchens are a Derbyshire based kitchen design specialists with an innovative approach.

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Their furniture is all made in a Nottinghamshire workshop using traditional mortis and tenon joints which ensures stability and durability of the furniture.

Vivid Kitchens doing things a little differently.

By working closely with the furniture manufacturer and utilising their showroom, they don't need to cover the costly overheads having a showroom of their own. So customers can see exactly what they are getting, but pay much lower prices. 

Vivid needed a brand and website which reflects their design precision, premium quality and innovative approach. 

Through creative exploration, pencil sketches and various iterations, we arrived at the clean shape of a diamond which is quite symbolic of clarity, precision and quality. The shaping and lettering was rounded to soften the feel of the brand to make it feel more approachable.

We chose a colour palette of deep teal and combined it with copper foiling to give it a premium feel as it glistens in the light.

Vivid Kitchen business cards on table.jpg

Behind the scenes

Copper foiling is a very analogue and manual process requiring a custom die being cut for the logo and then each business card hand stamped with the foiling...contraption.  

It's this kind of original flare that took the cards to the next level to give them a luxury feel reflecting the bespoke and premium quality of their kitchens.

Vivid die copper foiling.JPG