Printed By us intro


Printed By us run screen printing workshops for homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield who want to learn new skills and move forward towards employment. 


How it started

Printed By us was a self-initiated project. I wanted to explore how I could use creativity and enterprise to make a positive difference in the lives of homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.

Understanding needs

The idea for Printed By us isn't something that happened over night. Although I wanted to make a difference, I knew very little about the specific challenges homeless people face. So I spent some time volunteering and speaking to various people who work with homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield.

From my research, a consistent theme was that people are keen to get involved in volunteering opportunities and be part of something. The project must not simply give hand-outs, but provide real experience and opportunities to learn new skills and build confidence.

After much research and exploring different options, with help from some colleagues during my time working for Yoomee Digital, we arrived at the idea of Printed By us: